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As a full service marketing and media agency, Faro Media Group offers digital | interactive, broadcast, print, and advertising space design solutions for all types of promotional campaigns, displays and marketing events.

Designing and building killer apps is critical to adoption, marketing an ultimately loyal of a user. So ask yourself, who are the users? What are their goals? What kind of experience do they have? What functions do they need? How do my users thinking this should work?

Our experience with Internet and mobile applications, multiple platforms, development environments and technologies gives us the ability to help our clients rapidly expand for a global online marketplace. We tightly couple our strategy, design, and technology capabilities to reduce risk and increase the success rate for bring products to market.


“We combine world-class design with a deep broadcast and technology expertise. The various design services by our team of talented creatives have a strong emphasis on understanding the exact requirements and demands of your clients. Contact us now to request samples from our portfolio and to discuss your project!„

User Centered Design (UCD) is the process and strategy of designing any application, website or tool that places the person, “the user”, at the center of the design and engineering effort. It’s a focus on the cognitive aspects of a users interaction and behavior with the application including perception, memory, problem solving and learning. Rather than requiring users to adapt their behaviors in order to learn and use an application, an application can be designed to support its intended users’ existing beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors as they relate to the tasks the application is designed to support.

Keeping UCD at the center of the process will ensure that what you create are both useful and usable by actual people — not just engineers.

Our Approach

We approach each design project using a four-stage process:

Define: Your project’s success is rooted in clearly defining goals in the initial stage. Our QuickStart process focuses on gathering key information quickly so we fully understand your needs and agree on the project’s scope and outcome.

Design: During the design stage, our experts create stunning, cutting-edge strategic, business, creative or product concepts while remaining true to the brand | business goals . We deliver exceptional results for your project at any stage, from developing and executing fully animated 3D presentations to taking an existing presentation to the next level.

Develop: Once you approve the concept, we bring it to life in development. Depending on the size and timing of the job, we can provide a dedicated resource or assign an entire team to the project to ensure it meets our standards and your timeline.

Deliver: Once you review the developed project, we provide quality assurance and any additional required auditing or testing before providing you with the completed work.

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picture "Faro Media Group was instrumental in helping develop and execute the expansion of our social game strategy and content."

Joe DeTuno, CEO, Funnelbrain

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