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Founded by Paloma Rowell, Faro Media Group is a strategy and transmedia company whose mission is to create the most innovative content and business solutions for our clients across all forms of media.

The company strategizes, develops, produces and distributes projects in a variety of media including television, digital, unique educational platforms, commercials, graphic and interactive design, exhibitions, events, and original content, via its offices and partner studios in Los Angeles, Mexico, New York, San Francisco, Singapore and Thailand. The company’s global network has given it a foundation for identifying and incubating in-house content, while offering their client base a worldwide platform for the production, development and distribution of content.


“Faro Media Group can best be described as a hybrid entertainment, media business development, production studio and marketing consulting firm which partners with leading creative talent and inspired companies to develop and deliver targeted content across multiple platforms worldwide. „


Our Philosophy

We have one goal: to help you tell your story more effectively. Whether a new business strategy, brand or product development assignment, marketing assignment or content development exercise; we listen to your specific goals and use the right solution to help you build a stronger connection with your audience.

Our Approach

We approach each project using a four-stage process:

Define: Your project’s success is rooted in clearly defining goals in the initial stage. Our QuickStart process focuses on gathering key information quickly so we fully understand your needs and agree on the project’s scope and outcome. This stage also involves strategic consulting services to discover your business goals and objectives. After a lot of listening, research and collaboration with you, we craft a comprehensive marketing strategy, creative brief and project plan.

Design: This stage is the “blueprint” for our complete campaign. It involves the BIG IDEA (or the many small ideas) of our creative campaign. It gives you a concrete view of what the end product will be. During the design stage, our experts create stunning, cutting-edge strategic, business, creative or product concepts while remaining true to the brand | business goals . We deliver exceptional results for your project at any stage, from developing and executing fully 360 degree marketing campaigns to taking an existing brand and developing original content and products that take it to the next level.

Develop: Once you approve the concept, we bring it to life in development. This stage is where we get down to details. Depending on the project, this phase could include script writing, storyboarding, logo design, user interface design, music and audio recording, location video shooting, audio/video post-production, computer graphics, or any range of related creative, media or production activities.

Deliver: This stage is where we introduce the campaign to our intended audiences.Once you review the developed project, we provide quality assurance and any additional required auditing or testing before providing you with the completed work. Depending on the project, this phase might involve the launch of a new product, content series, website or microsite; initiation of a search marketing or paid placement program; an online video campaign; a cable TV or broadcast media buy and execution; a printed brochure, the launch of a social media campaign, distribution of an iPhone app, or any number of delivery “touch points” for your campaign.

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What They Say

picture "Faro Media Group was instrumental in helping develop and execute the expansion of our social game strategy and content."

Joe DeTuno, CEO, Funnelbrain

About Us

Faro Media Group is a transmedia company whose mission is to deliver best-in-class services, create the most innovative content and business solutions for our clients across all forms of media.